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Interesting Africa Facts – Elephant hair Bracelets

Elephants have been the subject of different cultural depictions in symbolism, popular culture and mythology. Elephant has a lot of meaning in African culture. They are both revered in respected for their prowess in war and in their religion. Ever since a long time ago, when elephants were represented by ancient cave art and petroglyphs, Africans has include elephant in every part of art, including sculptures, film, music, pictures, and even architecture.

Elephants are often elements in modern artistic works and creations, including here those by artists such as Norman Rockwell, Bannue Akey, Andy Warhol, and Banksy. In African culture, elephant is a symbol of beauty, power and strength. It is also praised for its stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, size, longevity, and loyalty. South Africans, uses elephant tusks as decoration in their rooms. They also use it in their coat of arms to represent wisdom moderation, strength and eternity.

Elephant hair Bracelets are so famous in Africa people here believe that those bracelets bring them luck. They also thinks that whoever wears this kind of bracelet will be blessed with health, love, prosperity and progress. The legend of African hair bracelet dates back to about 1500 years ago where is believed that people who wear this hair bracelet are protected against misfortunes, harm, and illnesses. They also believed that people with this kind of bracelets are luckier than the others. Africa Facts : People in Africa believe that an elephant is also the connecting factor between heaven and earth, this kind of mythology gives the elephant hair bracelet even more significance in their culture. Bracelets that are truly made from African elephant hair will no doubt come across as a very pretty form of jewelry and art, but not many will be aware of the fact and history that this bracelet is steeped in traditional and legend significance.

The loop that are used to hold the elephant bracelets together will vary in shape and style. The loop, as we mentioned before, will either be two, four or six in number. But even this might change depends to your style, with some going up to eight in number or more. To find out if a hair strand in you bracelet is really elephant hair, take a match to it. You can try it by smelling, if it is real, it will smell like burning hair. Sometimes hair of similar color and thickness are the most difficult ads and task to the difficulty of making elephant hair bracelet.

Possessing imitation hair bracelets which are made from other different metals like silver, sometimes copper and sometimes gold or a closer specimen like giraffe hair or other animals with hair is always an option that is available. By choosing this option you can become a part of this legend in this manner as well. And to tell the truth, after all it looks classy, elegant and has a great legend and history to carry forth. We all know, especially women’s, that bracelets are some of the trendy accessories that never go out of fashion and you can combine them every time with everything especially when they are elegant and classy as well.

They are meant for both women and men and in those days children are using them too. If you are thinking to buy or maybe to make one such trendy elephant hair bracelet, then you should take a look at some of the bracelet making ideas given in different pages in the internet or here in our website. Elephant bracelets can be made at home and maybe you may not spend a lot of money on buying them from different shop. We are sure that you can make them almost at half the price that you require to pay in different markets. But first you have to shop online elephant hairs.

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